Typically, User Experience (UX) is what happens ~inside the product~. UX often does not extend to such interactions as customer acquisition (owned by marketing and sales), onboarding (account management), problem resolution (customer support), off-boarding, etc. Sometimes those topics are delegated to a vague discipline of Customer Experience (CX). But in reality, there is rarely a holistic approach to end-to-end experience, that combines both CX and UX.

An illustration representing frustration by @viniciusamano

On a journey of hiring UX designers

Let’s be honest, developers don’t see the Internet the way other people do. They are not scared to see what the internet insides — the Code. They love it, the code is the ultimate truth. How do you design tools used by developers? Do standard UX practices work for techy users?

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“Know your user”, “Put yourself in your user’s shoes”, “Eat your own dog food” are common advice given to UX designers. It is evident for consumer products, but is it such for professional tools and B2B?

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This week our Design team at Optile had welcomed a new team player, celebrated the end of the Covid peak in Germany, and praised our diversity. Spring of 2020 was not an easy period, but we are coming out of it more united and resilient.

How to organize the Design Environment and Workflow so that it saves time and increases the quality

Flow, Creativity, Inspiration, Storytelling

Throw away 12 column grids and never use pixels again. All you need to know about flexible grids, fluid typography, relative length units and breakpoints

- Cover more devices and, hence, more users

- Save development and maintenance efforts as require only one codebase

- They look and feel great

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Why responsive design is hard?

A/B testing is one of the most beloved method to validate ideas for data-driven product teams. It has become so popular that many organizations sift everything through the A/B test funnel. And as a consequence — A/B testing results became the neutral decision-maker. Does this lead to excellent products? Not always.

What is A/B testing?

Anna Arteeva

Leading Product Design team at Payoneer Germany http://annaarteeva.com/

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