On a journey of hiring UX designers

Lately, I’ve been very busy hiring fresh talents for our Product Design Team. Creating a solid hiring process was the first challenge. Preparing interviews, I found many materials on interview questions, strategies, tasks, but not about the process as a whole. My goal was to create an interview experience that’s transparent, objective, efficient, and, very importunately, respectful to the candidate. I used the bread and butter of UX design for this task — empathy and design thinking.

office meeting
office meeting
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In my previous career, I happened to change a few jobs, and therefore, experienced many interviews being on the other side of the…

Let’s be honest, developers don’t see the Internet the way other people do. They are not scared to see what the internet insides — the Code. They love it, the code is the ultimate truth. How do you design tools used by developers? Do standard UX practices work for techy users?

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Developer Experience (DX) is defined by User Experience (UX) where the primary user is a developer, and the product is aimed to solve an engineering problems, e.g. developer tool, client libraries, SDKs, frameworks, open source code, tools, API, technology or service.

Stripe got their developer users' hearts by their famous 7 lines of code. They turn developer experience an obsession, and in return Stripe is a de-facto payment provider for most of the business on the web, in the western world at least.

Github created development infrastructure so convenient, that developers maintain their GitHub profile just like a social network…

“Know your user”, “Put yourself in your user’s shoes”, “Eat your own dog food” are common advice given to UX designers. It is evident for consumer products, but is it such for professional tools and B2B?

Picture of people of different professions
Picture of people of different professions

When working on a b2c product, for example, a photo-sharing app or an e-commerce store, a designer herself can represent the potential user. It gets harder when your product serves more specific tasks. It might be an app for food deliverers or shopkeepers. A responsible designer would probably get a bike to deliver food for a day or two, or shadow a shopkeeper to observe her daily struggles. It is more challenging but not impossible to understand the job and develop empathy for the target user. What if you build a product to manage financial risks, conduct heart surgeries, or…

This week our Design team at Optile had welcomed a new team player, celebrated the end of the Covid peak in Germany, and praised our diversity. Spring of 2020 was not an easy period, but we are coming out of it more united and resilient.

We organized a virtual get-together to nourish the personal connections within the team and to welcome a new teammate in an original way. Starting a new job is a hard challenge — so many things to learn and people to meet. Blending into a team where everyone knows each other in real life through Zoom calls is even more difficult. Trustful relationships with colleagues are crucial for fulfilling and productive work. After all, we probably spend more time at work than anywhere else. I am happy we did not lose it while being physically apart. Innovation can only happen in…

How to organize the Design Environment and Workflow so that it saves time and increases the quality

While Design System obtains more and more must-have’s— Motion graphic, Tone of Voice, Sounds design — designers keep drawing a new rectangle each time they need a button and still deal with 50 shades of blue across their design files.

There is enough said about the essence of the Design System, yet the technical aspect of implementing and maintaining assets is less obvious. Here are few of the down-to-earth practices I attempt to cover:

  • Whether to choose an Agile approach or a massive redesign project
  • How to organize the Design Environment and Workflow so that using library components is effortless…

Flow, Creativity, Inspiration, Storytelling

I would not be where I am now if not for reading. It is shaping my personality, gives knowledge, helps to organize thoughts and inspire for action. The past year I was trying to hack my brain to get more out life. Brain and our mind is just a machine oiled with hormones, understanding the mechanism and learning the triggers open endless possibilities to manipulate how we feel and perform. Grasping creativity is another topic of the year; after all, it is essential for me as a designer. I hope you enjoy and find something interesting for you! …

Throw away 12 column grids and never use pixels again. All you need to know about flexible grids, fluid typography, relative length units and breakpoints

Responsive interfaces are real treasure for web and product development. There are numerous benefits of going responsive:

- Cover more devices and, hence, more users

- Save development and maintenance efforts as require only one codebase

- They look and feel great

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Why responsive design is hard?

In the last decade, there were introduced many new ways to create sophisticated UI layouts for a wide range of devices. The same website or application can look good on giant desktop screens and small mobile devices without major sacrifices of User Experience. …

At the time I started at Pyoneer, the company was positioning its product as Design Thinking / Product Management Tool, whatever it meant. At the same time the only thing the tool was doing, was collecting customer feedback messages from different sources via integration like App Store, Google Play, email or simply with CSV import; and sorting all messages by Themes with underlying NLP technology (Mastercard, Paypal, Checkout, Billing -> Payment). There was an attempt to detect insights automatically (the site crashes on the checkout -> the payment is broken -> bug). …

A/B testing is one of the most beloved method to validate ideas for data-driven product teams. It has become so popular that many organizations sift everything through the A/B test funnel. And as a consequence — A/B testing results became the neutral decision-maker. Does this lead to excellent products? Not always.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better. A/B testing is essentially an experiment where two or more variants of a page are shown to users at random, and statistical analysis is used to determine which variation performs better for a given conversion goal. — Optimizely.com

While experimentation is an essential part of human-centred design, there are a few common misconceptions about what questions it can and cannot help to answer. …

..or random thoughts about the evolutionary reversal in society and business

Every morning I start with a bike ride. A high-speed bicycle path connects my house and the office, such paths probably exist uniquely in the Netherlands. Usually, it is a wide asphalt road that lays far from roadways, the one I take goes along a canal, through a park and there is even a bicycle bridge across the river. Most of the day it is not very busy, but not during the rush hours! In the morning you could see tens of cyclists crowding in front of the traffic light. As soon as the green light turns on they start…

Anna Arteeva

Leading Product Design team at Payoneer Germany http://annaarteeva.com/

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